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Hola Tere,

I enjoyed having you as my teacher. You made classes fun, interesting and always had some interactive language games for us. Changing between learning  the oh so boring grammar and real life applications made the classes lively. Your teaching style is very pleasant, kind and relaxed, which made learning fun.

Muchos abrazos!

Heike Y. 


 Good Afternoon Tere!

You are an excellent Spanish teacher. Your method of engaging each student in dialogue was an effective way of engraving words and terminology into the students mind. We had a book that was easy to follow and were able to watch the video's which helped me to learn the speech pattern of native Spanish speakers. I know that one thing I have always struggled with when learning Spanish was my ability to have a conversation and not get frustrated of flustered.

Muchas gracias por todo!

Shariffa W.


I have been studying Spanish with Tere for over two years and have really come to appreciate her very much.  She is an enthusiastic, creative, and supportive teacher.  She really seems to care about helping her students learn and she is flexible and skilled enough to work with each student at his or her level of skill. With Tere, you will learn to speak Spanish quickly, and you will have fun!  She is a very warm and interesting person, and a wonderful teacher!”

Elizabeth V.


You are an excellent tutor. I liked the way you asked me questions in Spanish and required me to answer in Spanish. I liked how you tried to create an environment in which our conversations during the 1.5 were always in Spanish. 

Sandy C.


Muy buenos dias Srta. Almeyda: 

Durante los dias en que yo estudie Espanol con usted, a mi me gusto mucho las lecciones que usted preparo para mi.  A mi esposa, Susan, tambien le gusto sus lecciones mucho mas.  Es posible que ella estaba mas preparada que yo.


Bascom T.,  Instructor

Johns Hopkins University


Hi Tere,

I very much enjoyed having you as a Spanish teacher.

I particularly appreciated:

(1) your sense of humor in class;

(2) your insistence that your students always be precise and accurate in the pronunciation and grammar;

(3) your willingness to improvise, and

(4) that, rather than being wedded to one textbook, that you used a variety of different resources and media as pedagological tools -- everything from online exercises, to newspaper articles, the Destinos series (which I enjoyed and found helpful).

Jon B.


I took over two years of lessons with Tere starting at the intermediate level and finishing at the advanced intermediate level.  Without her assistance, I wouldn't have successfully completed my graduate language exam.  One of her best qualities is her ability to alter her lessons to suit the needs of her students.  While studying with her I had many classmates and she personalized her style and lessons to suit the different needs and learning styles of each class.  Tere is a patient and skilled teacher and I recommend her highly to those interested in learning Spanish at all levels.



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