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Do you want to speak Spanish well as a second language?  Spanish Without Borders uses a natural conversational method based on common communicative techniques that begins from your very first lesson plan.  This means that you learn everything in Spanish from day one and the methodology adjusts to your individual level of learning.  As an educator in the teaching of the Spanish language, and with years teaching experience, I guarantee that you will learn if you will commit just a little of your time.  If you will put a little effort in and complete assignments timely, you will quickly comprehend Spanish and be speaking and applying what you learn from the very first lesson!  It is that easy to learn a new language!




The course presentation accommodates the needs of each student, whether taught in a group or individual setting.  The academic program comprising the course is offered from one to four hours a week, and is designed for private, personal instruction in the comfort of your home or office.  The focus of Spanish Without Borders is motivating the learner to participate in various and fun activities designed to quickly develop comprehension and confidence in communicating in the Spanish language.


Within the course, ten learning levels are offered, ranging from “novice” to “conversational.”  These levels are offered as three novice levels, three intermediate levels, three advance levels, and one fully conversational level.  Each level from novice to advanced are 30 hours each, and the full conversational level is 20 hours. 




1.  (With no knowledge of the language)

2.  (For students with some basic knowledge of Spanish. Those who can introduce themselves and others and ask very simple questions.)

3.  (Can describe basic aspects related with his/her daily, personal and familiar life. Can ask and answer simple questions. Can ask and give directions and create short and precise dialogues.)


1.  (Can approach simple topics which are familiar or of personal interests. Can read short and simple stories).

2.  (Can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes, and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans).

3.  (Can read simple articles from some newspapers, write summaries and speak about them).


1.  (Can read more complex books and speak in a more extended way about different topics.)

2.  (Can study and live in any speaking Spanish country. Basically familiar with cultural customs.)

3.  (Can speak, understand, read and write at near native level.)


Near fluent ability: able to work and function with ease in the chosen country


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