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I am Teresa Almeyda, a Spanish educator from South America. I have a wide experience teaching Spanish and English as a Second Language. At home, I taught English to students in junior high schools in special group classes. I designed English conversational courses tailored to the needs of professionals in private local companies. I coordinated, evaluated, and monitored quality of English courses that I specifically designed for engineers of multinational oil companies to chief executives officers operating in my home country. Increased professionals’ attendance and course completion rates; doubled the number of professionals studying English.


For years in United States I have been highly successful in teaching Spanish to select clientele utilizing my unique methodology.  I am passionate about foreign languages and speak Spanish, English, and Italian fluently.  In my country, in the past 20 years, cultural values encourage the development of bilingual abilities at an early age, and I work hard to duplicate this natural learning process in each of the ten levels I offer.  


As the president of Spanish Without Borders, I have come across with the idea of creating my web page so my methodology is reached online too. I think that the internet is a good way to promote any kind of business and mine is not an exception. As an educator my methodologies are not new in the market but, Spanish Without Borders is a new name that I have chosen to promote. I have very special students who have motivated me to take this step as well as siblings who have supported me through all these years in the DC and Metropolitan area. They are the ones who have told me how good my methodology is and what a good educator I am. I see my success as how they use the language.


Spanish Without Borders would like to let people know of this learning experience to a wider audience via the internet.  The ease and flexibility of each level will allow the students to learn Spanish at the level they desire.   My greatest pride is that many men and women have rapidly and successfully learned Spanish through my interactive and personalized system and you can too!  


It is now the opportunity for you to learn Spanish for many great reasons:


  • Traveling in Latin America and Spain
  • Expanding your business opportunities
  • Enriching your job potential
  • Reading Spanish newspapers, magazines and books
  • Watching TV, movies, web videos and listening to music from the Spanish-speaking nations of Latin America and Spain.

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